Hey Fitties! We made it to Thirsty Thursday! It’s date night for me and mine. I hope you also have lovely plans for the night.

Dudes, I gotta tell you, it’s been a cuh-ray-zay few weeks. Work. Teaching. Chores. Realizing I’m 1/2 a credit short for my continuing legal education (uh, that’s not good ya’ll, you don’t want the ethics committee suspending your license. EVER.) Catching up with family. Teaching demos. Fundraising. Business meetings. Strength training. Training to run from Zombies. Taking my MacBook into the Apple Store because my mouse button doesn’t work (WTF?)

I’ve been out of conditioner for 3 days.  When you wash your hair twice a day, this is a problem.

I dunno about you, but all the conflicting things to do really freaks me the heck out. That’s a lot. And I miss stuff. I realized I made a commitment to do a fundraiser the same weekend I’m supposed to be getting some R&R with my husby.

The Google Calendar… she ain’t fool proof unless you actually ENTER your commitments in as they crop up.

The to-do list is a great way to manage the slew of crapola you gotta get done in your life. You look at the shit goin’ down and realize there are only 24 hours in a day, 5-8 of which you have to spend sleeping so something’s gotta be pushed off until the next day or until never.

And sometimes, I just worry. I’ve got bills. I’ve got other things to deal with. Sometimes I just make a list of things I’m worried about just to get them off my chest. Sometimes just writing down all the little details of things that are freaking me out helps me notice some things I just can’t do anything about and some stuff that can go away if I just sac up and deal with it already.

Does life ever slow down? Or does it just keep speeding up? How do you deal with an overwhelming amount of crap to do? Does anyone want to spot me an Adderall?

Kidding. Mostly. Sorta.