Hey Fitties!

How’s your weekend going? Yesterday involved a lot of reading of murder mysteries on my iPad (along with some grocery shopping) so I missed posting.

But I’m back today and experiencing a sort of epiphany. I think I’ve mentioned before my peculiar distinction of having tried probably every goofy-ass crackpot diet known to man.

While all the diets contradict each other (fat is the enemy! no, it’s processed food! no, it’s hormones! No, it’s carbs! sugar! salt! meat! dairy! grains! oxygen!) the one thing the share in common is the exhortation for you to eat without doing anything else. To focus on savoring your food and paying attention to the flavors and textures.

I’m really horrible at doing one thing at a time. I eat and blog. I eat and read (one of my true pleasures, actually). I eat and talk on the phone. I eat and Facebook. But never do I sit down and just cultivate an intimate connection with my food before I tuck it neatly into my digestive tract.

I dunno why. I’ve tried everything else. Why not try this simple step that nearly every goofy-ass crackpot seems to think works? I mean, if everyone tells you to do it, maybe even the crackpots are right? What’s that adage about a broken clock being right twice a day?

Anyway, I did just that today at lunch. I had pesto salmon with sweet potato and salad and a splash of chardonnay. The wine went a lot farther when I wasn’t glugging it down while reading the latest economic woes.

So I’m trying this experiment and will keep you updated. Anyone else interested? Anyone else noticed an improvement when they focus on their food exclusively?