Hey Fitties!

Whew what a week. I’m barely making it in under the wire to say hi to you on Friday. I had to get my cookies to work at a reasonable time today (don’t ask).

I’m super stoked for tomorrow — one of my students is presenting a Zumba demo at the Walk From Obesity event in Chelmsford, MA. If you’re around 20 Research Place at 9:30, come say hi to Donna as she Zumba’s it up.

I was thinking today about dogs.

I’m a little obsessed with doggies. We lost our dude on April 9 and even though he could be a really, really (really) bad boy sometimes, our house is so empty without him.

What's up, mother bitches?

Little dog, big personality.

So now I’m the creeper who weeps over people’s doggely dogger pictures on Facebook. And… maybe today I wouldn’t leave for lunch until I subjected my co-worker to pictures of dogs she’d never met and never will meet. 

Right now, I’m sort of obsessed with Atticus M. Finch. Not the Harper Lee character, but the miniature schnauzer. I’m actually meeting him on Sunday at a book signing for Following Atticus.  The book has a trailer (wait, when did books get trailers?)

If you love dog dogs or even just nature, check out the Following Atticus Facebook page — what a chill little dude and what gorgeous pictures of our New Hampshire wilderness.

And that leads me to my conclusion. We all have a heart for some cause. I’ve always been an animal lover and worried about their conditions. I get that from my father — he was way better with animals than with people.

My bestie friend in the world is a tree hugger. She talks to plants. She loves them. I try not to mutilate them out of respect for her (or at least I hide the corpses so she doesn’t know what I’ve done).

Others are passionate about child welfare or ending obesity or breast cancer research. I know a group of lawyers that are passionate about making sure that people have the freedom to do an honest day’s work without being regulated and licensed to death.

It’s easy to feel like your passion is silly — maybe your passion is just making sure people have fun getting fit or taking pictures of your healthy meals so people can get inspired to make similar food. Maybe people don’t think your passion is all that important. You can feel sorta… unimportant when people are digging wells for drought-plagued villages in Africa or helping veterans get appropriate medical care.

But God placed your passion in your heart for a reason. If we all worked on the same issue, things like the importance of healthy foods or animal rescue might get missed. We accomplish so much more if we each pursue our personal calling.

Chalene calls this you “doing you” — following your heart and not caring about whether it measures up to other people’s priorities or standards.

So I’m happy to make my own little contribution in my own little way. What’s your passion? Do you ever think it’s unimportant?