Hey Fitties! Sorry for the late post… I’m catching up on chores around the casita and tying to not live like a slob all the damn time.

I’m making progress, but my blogging and Tweeting has suffered. Sigh.

I meant to tell you that I did the Hands Free Body Rock workout yesterday (I used the stability ball instead of an Ugi(.  I missed doing Pilates — it turns out all those roll-ups and V-sits can really put a hurtin’ on your hip flexors. I’m probably using them incorrectly and gripping with them instead of using my core, but my hip flexors are tough SOBs and they get to work unbidden.

Random, I know. Still doing your at-home work outs? I know you are!

For some reason, this past week I am SO hungry for fats and protein. I just ate deli meat plain, which I actually really don’t care for. You don’t want to know how much cheese, nuts and pesto has passed my lips these last few days. Is this because I ate pretty much nothing but cupcakes a few days last week? Or is it normal to crave fats and protein after a strenuous weekend of working out? Any nutritional experts out there? Please? Help? 😉

So that’s what’s going on here. I’m subbing back to back Zumba tomorrow night (which is convenient, because we’re having pizza so I might as well shake that ass a bit before I launch into cheesy deliciousness).

Here’s another random question: Do you have a “skinny” mirror? A mirror that makes you look better than any other mirror? This is funny, but the mirror in my church bathroom makes me look AMAZING. And the reflection in my dining room window makes my tummy look ripped. I heart these reflective surfaces! Hahaha