Hi Fitties!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was filled with idleness (and bad spelling) and inuendo. And wine. A lot of delicious, sumptuous, delightful Rhône-style wine.

We all have our ways of recovering. 😉

Via Gina the Fitnessista, I bring you this link to creating your own personal mission statement.  It’s a great tool to figure out where you want to go — because if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Here’s my mission statement:

I am at my best when I am creative, challenged, independent, active, supported and supportive.
I will try to prevent times when I am in competitive or sedentary environments.
I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can allow my creative abilities to emerge.
I will find enjoyment in my personal life through peace, discovery, artistry and happy conversations with others.
I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as encouraging others, appreciating art, decisive action and confidence in my abilities.
I can do anything I set my mind to. I will write, dance and help others to achieve their dreams.
My life’s journey is learning what can be achieved with dedication and encouraging others to develop their own gifts. My journey is becoming aware of the beauty and miracle of every day and helping others to recognize the pleasure of living life with purpose and a sense of wonder.
I will be a person who savored every minute of life and encouraged others to do the same.
My most important future contribution to others will be loving the people in my life and taking joy in their presence and making them feel valued, respected and important.
I will stop procrastinating and start working on:

  • drinking more water and less coffee, eating more fruit and veggies and less cookies and sugar.
  • learning more and reading less celebrity gossip.
  • being more patient with myself and others.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:

  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • Strategic thinking

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:

  • Regularly move vigorously and rest when necessary. Do a variety of physical activity that is fun, challenging and unique.
  • Study, pray and worship.
  • Read, learn and challenge my mind.
  • Engage with positive, happy people.

If you make a mission statement, I’d love to read it, share the link below!