Hi Fitties!

I am still in my PJs at 3:30, but at least I have brushed my teeth. I’ve also washed the curtains in my living room, ironed them and am getting a great core workout balancing on the back of my couch while I string them up.

I’m trying to get this casita of ours organized a bit better. Organization is not my strong suit. When in doubt, throw it away, that’s my motto.

It serves me fairly well, actually. Except some stuff I don’t wanna throw away and so I need your help!

What do you do with mementos like birthday cards and anniversary cards that are so sweet you don’t want to throw them out? Stuffing them in a box to be thrown away in 10 years doesn’t sound like the ideal plan… so what are some clever, creative solutions for me?

I need you Fitties! Don’t let me down!