Hey Fitties! I’m back! Thanks for showing the AntiRat some love while he guest posted.  Thank you AntiRat for great posts. I love you a lot.

I’ll be back later today, but I’m going back to bed right now after I finish this giant container of coconut water.

All Star Presenter Camp was one of the best — and hardest — things I’ve ever done. For those of you who have been to Camp Do More or any other convention (like Zumba convention), I thought it would be like that; fun but exhausting.

It definitely was not fun, but necessary. Sort of like getting a root canal for your teaching.

I’m not complaining, mind you. It was really a great thing to do.  If you love to teach, like I do, why would you want to settle for just being a “pretty good” instructor when there are people ready and willing to push you to be better?

Oh was I pushed.

Oh does everything hurt right now. I have never in my life been in so much pain. Not after 3 days of Camp Do More or any training. Christine Dwyer said “push” and so I did. And every muscle below my eyes feels like it was been wrenched apart. Even my cheeks hurt.

So I’m going to go and try to go back to sleep (I had horrible dreams last night — I murdered a health food store worker for absolutely no reason — just purchased some weird grains then shot him in the head. I first put the crime on my pink to-do list, which I left at the scene of the crime. I also climbed on top of an acquaintance at her baby shower and screamed at her that she was being really selfish (she actually was being a brat in my dream and was making someone buy her a diamond bracelet for her baby shower) and one of my work colleagues insulted my husband for not taking me to Oktoberfest. My subconscious has been very busy so I’m hoping it will let me sleep in peace now).