Hey readers, Matthew ( here again. Lizzie will be back soon, I promise. 🙂

I just wanted to briefly mention my passion for entrepreneurship and one reason it can be so beneficial.

We live in a “me” culture, where we’re told that our desires come first. Everything is about what we want, what others should provide for us, what we think tastes good, etc. Our self-absorption might be built in, but our consumerist generation makes it worse. It’s also easy to exploit with folks all around telling us it’s OK to be all about “me, me, me!”

Entrepreneurship…pure entrepreneurship, is about helping others. It’s about filling a need, a desire…something people might not be able to provide as well for themselves. Finding out things people want, how you can help them, and serving them through providing those things. A great thing about entrepreneurship is that you’re completely free to choose what areas you’re comfortable working in, or have special skills in. Don’t worry primarily with what you’ll get out of the deal; focus on the service aspect to others.

Lizzie has found a real passion helping people who want to become or stay fit in an enjoyable way. She’s also an encourager and motivator, because it really helps to have supportive fellow sojourners in the quest for a fit lifestyle. She’s really helping people and enjoying it.

The right entrepreneurial mindset can be life-changing. It can turn something you have a passion or special skills for into a sustainable way for you to make a real difference in the world, serve your fellow man/neighbors/community, and maybe begin to change the “me first” mentality that’s all the rage these days.

At least I hope it does for me. 🙂