Hey Fit With Lizzie readers! This is Matthew, husband of the inimitable Lizzie whose blog is actually the one you come here to read. I blog over at about entrepreneurship, small business, and related topics. Lizzie has started calling me the “Anti Rat” for whatever reason…

As you know, Lizzie’s away for the weekend and being the administrator of the technical aspects of her blog, I can pretty much post whatever I want while she’s gone. 🙂

I wanted to share one of our own experiences and something we’ve talked about a few times when it comes to getting online.

The Internet is a terrific piece of technology, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to approach privacy. As a fairly private person, I’m always concerned to understand what kinds of information I’m sharing with the world so I can at least make an informed decision about what is/is not shared.

Before starting a blog or doing things online, I do recommend at least a little thought about what kind of personal boundaries you might want to have with regard to your online communication. Obviously for some safety reasons (Internet stalkers/creepers do exist, some with criminal backgrounds), as well as personal decorum and/or respect for family members. I sometimes wonder how the children of some mommy bloggers will feel in a few years when a simple Google search will reveal that, from a young age, they drove their mom to drink excessively, that she thought they looked suspiciously like the mailman, or that they destroyed the inside of a limousine with a violent case of diarrhea. (I totally just made all of those scenarios up on the fly, so any similarity to any actual real-life events is entirely coincidental…I would not be surprised if all of those stories actually existed.)

So yeah, just give it a bit of thought up front. That’s all. 🙂

On an technical note regarding prudence online…

When Lizzie was first thinking about setting up this blog, I was away on business and got home to find out that she had taken the initiative to do some research and procure her own domain name and hosting while I was away. Given their widespread marketing, I wasn’t surprised to find out she had done everything through GoDaddy, and didn’t really know what alternative options there were or services available. While I was really appreciative that she didn’t want to burden me with technical tasks on her behalf, I was more than happy to help out. We made a few changes, but she asked me to keep sharing the things we worked through on her own blog.

Did you know that, by default, if you register a new domain name and don’t opt for a  “domain privacy” option, that the name/address you provide is public record, searchable on the Internet and attached to your domain name? These records are called WHOIS records and you can search them in a few places, like here. Click on that link and search a domain like “” to see the contact information for the site. If you have a domain and aren’t using domain privacy, your own name and address may show up on a search for your domain.

Just something to know.

If you don’t want that, you can generally purchase “domain privacy” where a proxy puts their name and address as the contact information for the domain. The cost of this varies, but a few providers offer this service at no additional charge.

OK, so this post was a little change from the wine and cupcake queen, but thanks for reading! 🙂