On my list of faults, I should also add “poor spelling” since I had to double check procrastination.

Hi Fitties!

It’s Friday. I’m supposed to be driving up to NY at either noon or 3, depending on which game plan you’re following.

I have not:



or done anything remotely related to my trip.

I have instead made an insanely, stupidly, maniacally overbooked to do list:

1.  Put away Laundry. This has been on my to-do list for… oh, weeks? I’m sure I’ll get it done in the next few hours. Especially since I am Facebooking and blogging. Those activities have worked out SO WELL in the past for getting the laundry done.

2.  Pack. Um, yeah, that one actually does need to happen.

3.  BodyRock. Without sweating since I got my greys dyed yesterday and my hair looks pretty awesome.

4.  Pilates. See above prohibitions on sweat.

5. Shower. That should happen too, because I’m carpooling with someone part of the way and my car air freshener is not a miracle worker, feel me?

6.  Have a conference call with my boss. Gulp. Nothing more need be said about that? Yes, that needs to happen.

7.  Write thank you notes. (Actually, just finished that).

8.  Go to Claire‘s for accessories.

9.  Maybe get a Hello Kitty dance bag?

10.  Go to Trader Joe’s for Trail Mix with chocolate chunks, Lara Bars (because I ate the two I bought specifically for my trip) and coconut water.

11.  Go to Costco for Seaweed Snax

12. Drop stuff off at a friend’s house for her garage sale tomorrow.


What is WRONG with me??? How can I be such an overbooker and a procrastinator?  HELP!!!

See you Fitties on the other side, in which I emerge not as Elizabeth, Fitness Instructor, but as SUPER ELIZABETH, Alien Cyborg Fitness Instructor who cannot be killed by human weapons but must instead be melted down, but who will still find ways to come back to terrorize you, your children and grandchildren.

I may have myself confused with the Terminator movies, I’m not sure.

I am officially a crazy person.

OH! We saw Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam last night. It was like a super-bendy amalgamation of Cat in the Hat, Nutcracker and Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was awesome. No pics, though. Verboten.

Check in this weekend for AntiRat wisdom!