Hey Fitties! It’s THURSDAY, GLORIOUS Thursday.

I slept late this morning, not gonna lie. The Pilates and BodyRockhave been pretty cuh-razy around here. I love it. BodyRock is short, Pilates doesn’t make me sweat that much.

And I am a sweater. Oh yes.

So this weekend, I won’t be around much because I’ll be honing my teaching skills at All Star Presenter Camp with Christine Dwyer.  I’ve used the analogy before: If Chalene Johnson is the Goddess of Turbo, then Christine is like the Pope. And she’s gonna be whipping me into a better instructor, except Turbo girls don’t whip. They motivate with LOVE. Always love.

Sigh. I love my life!  I’ll be meeting this crazy beautiful girl for the first time, even though we’ve known each other for, like, years?

The AntiRat will be guest posting while I’m gone! If you do anything bloggy/business related on the interwebs, please come visit him because he will have some important safety tips for you.  There are some creepers out there ya’ll, like for reals.

Also, it’s intimidating for menz to wander into LizzieLand, so throw some glitter-besparkled, cupcake-shaped, frosting-drenched love at the AntiRat. He’s a good dude.