Hey Fitties! Happy Wednesday! Can you believe the week is almost over? I’m so stoked because this Friday I’m going to ALL STAR PRESENTER CAMP in New York with my Fitness Bestie Teresa!  T, you’re my fitness bestie. I don’t know if you know, if you don’t know, now you know.

Stalker = me!

Today I have some sort of hearing that I’m not prepared for. I’m not sure why we’re having a hearing. I dunno. They don’t tell me anything, just that I’m supposed to show up. F@&!!

I’ll do my best.

Maybe the judge has birthday wishes for me? Maybe? No?


One of the things I like about living in New England is that the seasons sort of force you to suck the marrow out of your time while you can. Do you like the summer? Well, you’ve got 14 weeks of nice weather, so if you want to be outdoors in the sun having fun and working on your sun damage, there is no time to waste.

Do you love the fall? Well, if you want those pumpkin lattes and breezy afternoon walks under changing leaves, get to steppin’. Winter’s right around the corner.

Do you like to snowboard? The good stuff is fleeting, so ride while you can before all you’re left with is icy, dirty depressing snow.  Then around March get the hell out of New England before you go crazy and ice pick someone because you can’t keep up with the damn ice dams leaking into your freshly sheet-rocked house (true story: only our new walls were ruined).

West coasties, don’t ask about ice dams. You don’t really want to know.

So it goes.

Our summer list is pretty short.

  • 1 trip to Kimball’s Farm for ice cream and grilled things (this year we went for the scallop plate and fish plate and were too full for ice cream.)
  • 1 trip in late summer to Kimball’s for pumpkin ice cream (trickier than it sounds, they sell out early)
  • 1 trip to King Kone for a GINORMOUS soft serve ice cream (ice cream figures big into our summer plans)
  • At least one hike (sometimes the max is 1 hike because I don’t like being covered in mosquito bites)
  • Trips to coast
  • Stopping in at Ray’s for fresh fishes
  • Heading to 6 Flags New England before it’s under a foot of snow

And most importantly, most crucially, there is:

Watermelon. It is a big deal in our family. It’s the AntiRat’s birthday fruit.  It’s perfectly in season around his birthday (July 4) and it is the true harbinger of summer. He always cuts the watermelon in those perfect cubes. I haven’t cut a watermelon since I got married, almost 7 years ago.  I know!

I’ll never forget the day when, not long after we were married, we found ourselves with a spare Saturday. I asked the AR what he wanted to do and, after reflecting on our wide open schedule, he decided: “eat a watermelon.”

You see, when you spend a day eating a watermelon, you sort of have to commit to sticking around your house. No getting stuck in traffic, if you know what I mean.

This is probably the last melon of our season. Apple time is nigh!

What on your must-do summer list? Did you get to everything this year? What was a shocking tradition you discovered after you got married?