Hey Fitties! Better late than never eh?

I just did my scheduled BodyRock workout for the day. I LOVE that it takes 12 minutes. 12!!!  I chose one that I could do with my equipment. I used my husband’s 25 pound kettlebell in place of the sandbag and a regular balance ball instead of the Ugi. It wasn’t weighted, so my workout was easier than Zuzana intended…

… but I still sweated. Trust.

Tomorrow (technically later today) I have Pilates and Zumba.  I’m doing this Pilates workout (if that link doesn’t work, it’s Episode 4. You have to be logged in to see it).

Special shout out to the Bodylastics folks — I thought I’d lost one of my ankle bands and they were quick to offer to ship me out a new one.  I ended up finding the band in my guest room closet, but I do appreciate their speediness!