Hey Fitties!!

Man, there is so much to talk about here and so little time. I might have to start doubling up my posts again.

Okay, so we talked about doing some new exercises together this month.  My self-imposed requirements for the exercises were that you could all do them at home without having to buy a new program.

Also, I want to stir things up a bit for myself. I’m gettin’ a little bored lugging weights up and down up and down, you know?

BTW, I sort of blew off my last week of Brazil Butt Lift. It’s a great program, but it just sort of took over my life at the end. At one point they had me scheduled to do three workouts in a day. No thanks.

I ended up losing an .75 inches in my banana rolls, 1 inch off my waist (huh? it’s a butt lift program but my waist got a LOT smaller) and nearly 1 inch off my love handles. Not too shabby! This was with a less-than stellar diet.

Okay! So going forward, here’s what I’d like to do for September*:

Pilates. Not just any Pilates, but Reformer Pilates. But since I don’t have $500- $5,000 laying around for my own Reformer, and since I don’t have $15 a pop to drop for studio Pilates classes, I have made my OWN super classy, uber chic Reformer (click to enlarge for explanations):

I got these bands a year ago and they’re kinda cool (that’s an affiliate link, so if you decide to purchase through that link, I get a few sheckles. Your cost doesn’t change). First of all, if you drop them on your toe you’re not gonna get hurt. Also, it allows you to target your muscles in new ways. You simply open a door, slip the foam anchor in between the door and the frame, close the door and lock it and you’re good to go.

It’s not permanent and it won’t scuff your door up (two things the AntiRat is happy about) and it’s a funner system for weight training when you’re getting tired of regular dumbbells.

Bodylastics, the maker of those bands, sponsors a site called LiveExercise.com.  They have a bunch of different types of exercise formats BUT I will be working with their Pilates programs. They are totally free AND if you don’t feel like buying those bands you can get a challenging mat workout without them. They show you how to modify. I will be doing 5 Pilates Reformer workouts a week.

I started with this one yesterday and really liked it. It’s not as intense as lifting heavy weights so you can do it more often. I figure, why not try it and see how things look?

Entering into the mix? BodyRockAiming for 3 of these a week.  I’m a bit nervous. These workouts are CRAZY intense (just programing the damn interval timer is hard for me) but I’m ready to get BodyRockin’! Those workouts are also free and some of the equipment (like the dip station and Ugi ball) are not easy to replicate. She has tons of workouts on her website that use no equipment, so I can always do those. If I want to, I’ll make it happen.  I also may substitute some Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum or Sculpt because they are resistance with cardio butt kicking exercises.

So my schedule** looks like this:

Monday: Teach Zumba, 40 minute Bodylastics Pilates workout

Tuesday: Teach PiYo, BodyRock Workout

Wednesday: Teach Zumba, 40 minute Bodylastics Pilates workout

Thursdays:  Shorter BodyRock workout (about 12 mins) + Bodylastics Pilates workout

Fridays: Bodylastics Pilates + Zumba

Saturday or Sunday: BodyRock + Bodylastics, rest day (I will change this up depending on what our weekend schedule looks like)

Who’s in? Feel free to post your schedule below! xoxoxo

*note: before beginning an exercise program, you GOTTA talk to your doctor. No getting hurt! Also, my training schedule is customized to my body/teaching schedule so you may have to change things up a little. Do what works for you tootsie!

** Remember, this is MY schedule and yours may need to be different! Customize it to your needs!