Hey Fitties! Happy Labor Day to you! I hope if you’re reading this, you have the day off for one reason or another. Either because it’s a holiday or ::cough cough:: you’re “coming down with something.” 😉

Those late summer colds are BRUTAL, so rest up, if you know what I mean.

Thank you for the encouragement on my post last night affirming that we’re launching Group Fitness at Home in November!!!!  It’s official now — we’ve got to do this or you can pelt me with sweaty socks! 😉

What is Group Fitness at Home? 

Group Fitness at Home will be an opportunity for you to take a dance cardio class with me just like you’d take in a club — without having to join a gym or drive to the gym. You don’t have to check your work or school schedule or figure out child care — you just log in and stream your class any time you want to and we’ll get to dancin‘.

So you might be thinking…

Can’t I just buy a DVD to do that?

Not really. Workout DVDs are super fun for, what, like a week? A month? And then they’re tired. And after a few months they collect dust on your shelf.  I change up my in-person classes a little bit every week to prevent boredom and plateau. Group Fitness at Home will do the same!

The best thing about workout DVDs is the production quality — The AntiRat, techie snob that he is, is very picky about using good quality lights and sound and he’s feverishly working to bring the same quality to Group Fitness at Home.  If you’re on my subscriber list (the form is on the right, look for the cupcake), you’ve seen some of our early attempts at videos. The quality is just getting better — so keep a look out for new samples of my choreography!

Can’t I just watch free workout videos on YouTube for that?

Nope! I love some of the free workouts that are out there on the internet — they influence me as an instructor a lot! The trouble with them is that

  • Most are very short, 5-8 minutes in length, while most group ex classes are 55 minutes in length (mine are typically an hour because I just can’t stop dancing!) So if you’re using YouTube, you’d have to start and stop and start and stop to put your workout together. Which isn’t much of a workout, not to mention it’s a PITA.
  • The sound and picture quality is often really, really bad. Even if they are full length, the music and roaring into the mic hurts your ears.

YAY! I’ve wanted to take Zumba online (or TurboKick, Hip Hop Hustle or PiYo)! So you’re going to be teaching these formats online?

I’m not.  First, my license as an instructor for these formats is for in-person classes only, not broadcasting over the internet. So I want to be very clear about that so there’s no disappointment:

You will be receiving my OWN choreography and music that is licensed to me — it’s not TurboKick or Zumba or any other licensed format.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the creators of these formats because they allowed me to unlock my creativity and develop my passion and skills as a teacher and dancer

But my classes will be my own.  To be honest, and not to sound arrogant, but when people request songs in my dance classes they usually request my choreography, not the stuff I got through my license.  That’s what has given me the faith to launch this program, because I know people will love it. 

There may be overlap in music because I love to dance to popular hip hop and pop music and other exercise formats use those songs as well.

Will instructors be able to use your material?

I have a special program we’re cooking up for instructors, so stay tuned!

Have a great day my Fit’s! <3