Mornin’ Fitties!

Guess what? I am sober as a judge this morning. Yep, I’m off the sauce for a bit. I’m letting my liver detox after those last few days. Don’t worry, I made up for my asceticism by eating 6 cupcakes last night. Go big or go home darlin’!

I have some great pics from our Zumba party last night… but first I was reminded of John Donne’s poem No Man is an Island.  He writes:

No Man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of a continent, a part of the main.

Donne frames the interconnectedness of humanity against death — when one person dies, we are all the poorer for it and it’s as if we too have died. So when the bell tolls in the poem, announcing someone’s death, Donne tells the reader not to ask whose death the bell signals, because it signals the hearer‘s death.

Wow. Heavy stuff.

I’d like to frame Donne’s point in the context of life. We are a pretty independent bunch, us modern folk. A lot of us have not had the financial, family or community support that we may have wanted. We may feel like we got to where we are by our own grit and bootstraps.

I suggest that it’s not true. Someone, somewhere makes it possible for you to be where you are, living the life you’re living. I hope today you will consider the people or person who allows you to live the life you do and I ask you to reach out and thank them.

This man makes it possible for me to do what I love without worrying about how to pay the mortgage, afford health care, car maintenance, groceries and the like. He works incredibly hard to support me financially and emotionally in running this blog and my fitness classes. Without him, I couldn’t do what I do. And so thank you to that handsome AntiRat for doing all you do.  It’s easy to live out your passion, it is less easy to go to work everyday to allow someone else to live out their passion, you feel me?

These awesome people (and many others like them) make it possible for me to do what I love everyday:

Without booty shakers, there is no booty shakin’ for me. And that would be a sad life. So these fine folks make it possible to live the life I love. I owe them so much they will never know!


Pickin’ peaches!

Walkin’ sassy

Stronger than yesterday!

Awww, a tiara?? And balloons!

Cupcakes and wine

Cupcakes and wine are especially fine

So this labor day weekend, think about the person who watches your kids so you can go to work, or the person who goes to work so you can watch your kids, or the family who supports you while you’re in school… somewhere there is someone who is making your life better. Please don’t think they owe you that. Look around at the world and see how often people hurt their friends and family instead of helping them.

Be grateful for the people who are helping you to shine.

On that note, lovely Fitties, thank YOU for visiting and reading. Because without YOU there would be no blog. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend if you’re in the US, and if you’re not in the US, I say… take Monday off out of solidarity. 😉