Hi there Fittie Friends! I’m back! Um… I was MIA a bit this morning… if you don’t know why… um… read this.

I really do love you guys.  😉

Thank GOD for Michelle and her guest blogging this week because I evidently have decided to celebrate turning 33 by being drunk and/or hung over for half the week.  I think I’m having a midlife crisis. 

Not really, I just can’t handle my booze as well as I could when I was a whippersnapper.

ANYWAY! Today concludes Michelle’s words of wisdom for you new and aspiring Zumba instructors… Thank you Michelle for such a great, informative series. I loved reading your thoughts!

 In terms of getting your first job teaching Zumba or another group exercise class, I would suggest starting at gym rather than a place where you will be responsible for marketing and advertising your classes.  I started teaching at both a gym and a brand-new studio in the same week, and I think that the gym environment was a much easier transition because I didn’t have any additional responsibility on top of showing up and teaching, and I get paid the same whether one person shows up or 50 do.  It definitely takes a little of the pressure off of those first few classes, when you’re wondering if anyone’s going to come.  And at a gym, they usually do show up, because it’s in the gym’s best interest to advertise your class.  Without a built-in following, starting off on your own is a bit more challenging.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s excellent to get this experience learning how to market and promote your classes – it is possible to make a lot more money if you eventually venture out on your own, renting a space and charging per head – but this can be stressful when you’re a brand-new instructor, so it’s just something to keep in mind.  When you’re already worried about everything I’ve mentioned above, do you really need to add another thing to the list?

Finally I will say that, as a new instructor, it’s really important to remember to take good care of yourself.  I know at first, I was so stressed about learning Zumba routines that I didn’t do a great job of balancing that with the rest of my life.  And once I started teaching four classes a week, it became more difficult to fit in my own workouts.  I’ve learned that you really have to listen to your body and take it easier some days, and that fueling yourself well is REALLY important.  For example, I never want a full meal before class, but I found out the hard way that I must eat a substantial snack (almond butter on whole-grain toast works for me, 3 strawberries does not) to keep my energy level up while dancing.

Thanks to this experience, I respect other group fitness instructors more than ever, because now I know how much blood, sweat, dirty laundry and tears goes into it. It certainly isn’t an easy thing to do, to put yourself out there in front of a group of people who want your help in motivating them to change their bodies and possibly their lives, but the reward is great: seeing their sweaty, smiling faces and knowing that you had a part in that definitely makes it all worth it.

I couldn’t have said this better! We put a lot of ourselves into our classes and it’s so worth it when people respond!  Thanks again Michelle and I will see you Fitties later! It’s my birthday Zumba party tonight and I’m going OUT OF MY MIND with excitement, so I’ll see you all tomorrow, most likely.