Fiiiities! What is UUuuuuP?

It’s date night for me. I’m 3.5 margaritas to the wind (I spilled one).

Have I mentioned I LOVE OYU?




It is NOT the tequilla talking. Does Tequilla have one l? Tuegila. Noep. Tequila. There we go! No underlines from WordPress. T.E.Q.U.I.L.A.

Queen Chalene would tell you NEVERRRRRRRRR to do what I’m doing now (blogging under the ingluence(

But seriously, I do love you gueys.

My husband just ook my glass away because he is a bad influence. He is refilling my glass.

HELP! HELP! I’m being plied with alcohol!

Speaking of my husband, that AntiRat that he is…

He sent me this Vimeo. For realz? How bad do you want it? Whatever it is.

Don’t tell me why you can’t. Because you can.