Hey Fitties! How’s this post-Hurricane Monday treating you? Sounds like a bunch of peeps are out of power but, generally, we were very lucky. My thoughts go out to those who lost property. I haven’t seen any stats about lives lost — I really hope that means we all made it out safely.

So yesterday I spent the hurricane in a cheese and Sangria-induced food coma. There are worse ways to spend a rainy Sunday. I did managed to unbeach myself from the couch to do Leandros’s Secret Weapon workout. It’s 20 minutes and it’s by far my favorite Brazil Butt Lift DVD. Partly because it’s short, partly because it’s killer.

This is our last official week of the Brazil Butt Lift Throwdown, although obviously you are welcome to keep Butt Lifting at home. I really like the results I’ve gotten and, if I could have kept my gaping maw out of the sangria and cheese, I would probably be down about 4 pounds right now. But after this weekend, I probably broke even.

Such is life. If wine and cheese and bread and chocolate and cupcakes didn’t taste to good, I’d be 100 pounds. And then Hurricane Irene would have swept me out to sea!  See? I have a solid anchor to dry land.

I was musing the other day when I was brushing my teeth (2 minutes of musing, clocked by my Sonicare toothbrush).

If you think about some of the great innovators in the world, a lot of them really made a great life for themselves making small tweaks to something that someone else already did. There’s only one Thomas Edison but there are a million guys who made a business out of shaping a phone like a football. Or a pair of lips.

Andy Warhol is a great example of this. I am largely ignorant of modern art, but you have to admit that a dude who is immortal for multi-colored pictures of Campbell’s soup cans is super encouraging.

We don’t have to paint the Sistine Chapel in order to contribute something unique — 10,000 people a day download the iPhone app that makes a farting noise. At $1 a pop, some irreverently humorous engineer is going to be able to feed his family and educate his kids and iPhone users are going to get a good laugh from the silly app. Dude didn’t invent an operating system or cure cancer, but his contribution paid off.

I think often we get frustrated because we’re more of an iFart inventor than a Microsoft inventor and we don’t even bother trying. This is true for fitness as well — we can’t run a marathon so we don’t walk around the block. The trouble is, many great accomplishments are possible if you’re willing to just do your best at your current ability level.

So my challenge to you this Monday morning is to think about several things that you can’t do. I can’t dance very well, I can’t sing. I can’t write great fiction. The things that immediately come to mind are things I wish I could do.

Now come up with things that you can do at your current ability level. I’m doing what I can with what I’ve got and I can make a fun Zumba class (and subject my dancers to my terrible singing muahaha) and I can use this blog to urge others to live their lives to the fullest.

So what do you wish you could do but can’t? What’s something you CAN do right now?  Let me hear!