Heya Fitties! Glad you liked my little Twitter treatise yesterday. Longest. Post. EVERRRRRR.  I hope you’re #ffing it up today!  Hee hee… f-ing it up…


The most important, crucial piece of Twitter advice that I left out yesterday is NEVER click on a link from someone you don’t know. Just trust me on this. You see pictures of not-nice things.

So today’s 5 Minute Friday writing prompt is Older.

HA! So appropriate. I’m wearing my hair pulled back in a ponytail today. On my way into work, I noticed that what used to be “Just a few grey hairs” and then “oh, about 12 grey hairs” has now morphed into “dying my hair is no longer optional. It is necessary.”

Along my hair line I am going very grey.

I don’t FEEL grey.

My 33rd birthday is in… like 2 weeks? I dunno. I’ve stopped doing a countdown. That’s another clue you’re getting older. I don’t actually MIND being older. I like knowing who I am and being comfortable with myself. I like deciding what my life is going to be like and spending time on things I think are valuable instead valuing things because other people tell me I should.

It’s the actual aging process I don’t like. Today it’s grey hairs, what will it be tomorrow? Will it be worse? Am I going to have sore knees? A bad back? I feel like I’m just starting to enjoy being young and I’m realizing that middle age is fast approaching. I never expected to actually be older. I expected to stay childish and half-formed forever. I still feel a bit childish actually. I’m a bit sulky at not having been on a roller coaster this summer. I had a cookie for lunch.

Looking at the bright side, the 30s and 40s are times when your health habits really start to matter. And I’m in better shape now that I was when I was 20, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic about aging with a fair amount of dignity.

At least I’m optimistic today. Check back again when I hit the big 3-3.