Hey Fitty Fits!

I’ve been ruminating a bit on how things have changed in LizzieLand over the past year or so (OOH! Digression! Are you coming to my free Zumba birthday party on Friday, September 2nd? If you’re in the Nashua/Amherst area, please message me! All are welcome, I’m hoping for a TWO HOUR class!) and how much social media (Twitter and Facebook) has impacted that. I wanna discuss that here.  You cool?

First, let’s start with the Queen herself, Chalene Johnson:

If you’re working to wake up your life, you have to surround yourself with people who are AWAKE! A good support system doesn’t just fall in your lap. You have to nurture those relationships JUST like any others. Put it out there then actively seek out people to raise the bar with.

We live in an increasingly isolated world. You could live in Small City, USA or Manhattan, NY and not have access to people who are awake. In a small community, you just might not have a lot of options for forming a support system.  In a large community, it’s easy to be anonymous. Everyone avoids eye contact in the city. So social media is a great way to develop networks with positive, strong motivated people. You’re not limited to your physical neighbors anymore. Everyone is potentially your neighbor.

So even if you have no intention of ever being an entrepreneur, social media is your friend.

If you already are an entrepreneur, social media is definitely your friend. This is the best opportunity to share insight with other business owners and meet potential clients. Even if you don’t think your business will ever be national or international, you should get yourself on social media. Let’s say today you’re teaching a few Zumba classes. Let’s say in 4 years you decide you want to open a studio, market a product to Zumba instructors or even become a Zumba Education Specialist.

You know what you’ll need? Lots of contacts. So start building them today.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk a bit about how to build up your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Keep in mind I’m not proclaiming myself to be some sort of expert. I have around 800 followers on Twitter. That’s not a lot, but when you keep in mind I’m not really anyone very important and I have about 5 good friends to my name (one of whom is married to me and is sort of legally obligated to be my friend), that’s not too shabby. Especially since I only had 400 Twitter followers in May.  I’ve DOUBLED my Twitter following in 2 months without using any paid Hootsuite type services.

Similarly, I only have about 470 friends on Facebook. Again, keeping in mind I don’t have a huge circle of friends, that’s pretty good. When I joined in 2009, I had 30 friends for about 6 months. My social circle has grown a lot since then. 😉

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?  Let’s connect! I need more positive peeps in my social sphere!