Hello Lovely Fitties! Tuesday was such a weird day, I can’t even explain why.

It started with dreams about dogs (my Facebook friends have already heard this one. I need a dental cleaning — true story, I missed my last appointment — and I went to the wrong office. Poodles are lounging EVERYWHERE. I pet them and they are either totally chill or totally out of their mind happy to be petted. I weep. Evidently, I need a dog.)

Also, we had an earthquake.

I taught PiYo.

I decided to drink Kendall Jackson Zinfandel. I don’t know why I put so much effort into choosing wine. Just get KJ and go home and be happy. Never a disappointment (I hate that disappointment has 2 p’s. That took awhile to spell right).

And… then my husband and I launched into a long philosophical conversation about the power of narrative, race relations in America and Pareto efficiency and the civil war (told you Kendal Jackson rocks!)

I got a cool water bottle to review for the blog (giveaway coming soon!)

Like I said, it was a weird day.

Anyway, today I’m subbing yoga and Brazil Butt Lifting (I have no idea what’s on the schedule) and Zumba’ing and doing some sort of Trust review.

I feel like life is extremely confusing right now.

Anyway! Here I am 200 words into this post and I’ve yet to cut to the chase.

Amazing responses to my post yesterday about Zumba mistakes I have made.  I got back to most people and, if I didn’t, please see weirdness of Tuesday, supra.

One theme that came up pretty regularly was the notion of what you’re supposed to do in class.  As in, how often are you supposed to change your playlist, explain choreography and so forth.

I will let you in on a little secret: Your students are your customers. You need to know what they like (and realize it may vary from class to class and club to club. Your 4:30 pm class may like different things than a 7:30 pm class. Usually because the demographics are very different).

It doesn’t matter if you’re sick of a song. It matters if your customers are sick of a song.  I am constantly surprised how often I get requests for tired, worn out songs when I have so many new, shiny songs. People like the old songs. Why? Because they’re GOOD at them! They’ve done them bunches!  And often because those are the songs that made them fall in love with Zumba. I remember my Zumba love songs: Hips Don’t Lie and Low.  I would not be an instructor if it were not for those songs.

When you notice enthusiasm flag, retire a song for a bit. Bring it back if people request it or just to see if you can rekindle a spark of love.

Here’s another secret: You are Zumba’s customer. That means you are always right. That means if they tell you not to break down choreography but you do it because your students like it, you are right. That means if you do all hip hop songs because your students like it better than salsa, you are right. They are only in business if you are happy as a Zumba instructor. You are happy if you have lots of students (customers), which you will as long as you figure out how to make them happy.

These secrets have totally blown my chances at ever being winning the Miss Zumba pageant, should one ever exist. Which is fine because I think I’d flunk the swimsuit competition anyway because I really like wine more than is good for me.

Have a great day Fitties! See you later! Log your Brazil Butt Lift workouts!