Hi Fitties! Wow, 3 posts today. I just can’t stay away!!

My mind is going like 160 miles per hour. I’ve got so many things to do and it’s all a big spin cycle in my head. Sometimes people ask me where I get my energy — physically, I get tired pretty easily. But I try to keep up with the THOUGHTS in my HEAD.

Do I need therapy?


Anyway! First order of business! Sculpt is done.

Second order of business: I measured today, 3 weeks in to Brazil ButtLift. Everything is the same as last week (my hips seemed a smidge larger, but that could be hormonal, salt, etc.). The BIG news is that I lost an INCH in my bananas.

Where are the bananas, you ask? Take off your pants. Yep, even if you’re reading this in public. Stand with your bum facing a reflective surface. The bananas are the rolls where your bum bum meets the thigh. See how it’s banana shapped? My banana rolls drive me crazy and they’re FINALLY smaller! I am very happy.

Have you measured? You should be getting good results if you’ve been diligent.

THIRD order of business is to announce the blog workout I’d like to do in September.

I sent out a survey to you guys to see what program you’d like to do. Did you take the survey? It’s not too late! Feedback feedback! Gimmie feedback!

By far, TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme were the most popular choices. Here are some factors I took into consideration:

1.  Cost. Many people just bought BBL and buying a new program after a month might not be feasible for them.

2.  Getting the most out of BBL.  For those of us doing Brazil Butt Lift, it’s a great program. It can be used for more than 4 weeks and it seems wasteful to just launch into a new program when we haven’t maxed out the BBL experience.  On the other hand, some workouts are LONG and arduous and it’s getting hard to teach and do BBL. My body’s getting tired and my knees are getting pissed off at me.

3.  Some people’s fitness levels might not be right for TurboFire right now.  Also, I loaned my copies of both programs to a friend so I don’t have them right now. 😉

In light of this, here’s what I propose for September:

FREE WORKOUTS! WOOT! All of the blog workouts we’ll be doing together will be from FREE resources. That means they won’t be quite as convenient as popping in a DVD, but beggars can’t be choosers.

1. BodyRock workouts every other day. These are super intense workouts, but they’re short. You may need some equipment for them. However, with some creativity you should be just fine. If some of the workouts aren’t appropriate for you, you can sub in a BBL workout. 

2.  Yoga. On the days we’re not BodyRocking, I propose a free yoga class from YogaDownloads.com.

Are you interested in joining in? Here’s what to do:

If you’re a blogger, let me know you want to participate. I’ve really enjoyed the accountability of checking in here. I teach so often it’s easy to blow off my personal workouts when I’m the only one who knows about it.  Your readers can participate and log their workouts with you via Twitter, FB or the comments on your site.

If you’re a reader, just get ready to participate! Remember, you need to check with your doctor before starting these programs.

Log your workouts Butt Lifters!