Hey Fitties! My Bum Bum workout is done for today! YAY! I sorta missed it. Am I sick?

I had an audition today to teach Zumba at a local club and it was really fun. No matter how many auditions I go on, it never gets any easier. It’s like a job interview where your appearance really really matters. As well as your booty shaking skills.

Here are some tips for those of you who are gearing up to audition for a club:

1) Come ready to teach. Bring your music and windscreen if you use a mic. Expect to teach 1 song, 2 songs or a whole class. You just never know. Typically, it’s 1 or 2 songs. I have taught a whole class before just… because. I offered and they let me. 🙂

I am sick.

2)  Bring COPIES of your certs. They can make copies for you, but it’s easier to have the copies already done. Gyms aren’t Kinkos, their copiers aren’t always the speediest or most reliable. Also bring your current CPR card and group ex instructor insurance if you have it.

3)  Bring your driver’s license, social security card or passport. I bring my passport because I don’t want a copy of social security card floating around at every gym I teach at. There’s a lot of turnover in those places, you know?  If you want direct deposit, bring your check book with you.

4)  Bring your enthusiasm, energy and smile. It’s not just for class — share the energy with your interviewer. I have yet to meet a group ex director who didn’t like high energy and positivity. In fact, I once almost got hired at one gym based on my energy alone. I had to ask if they wanted to see me teach.

The number one thing that clubs are looking for are motivational instructors. Generally, positivity motivates better than surliness or negativity. I know there are drill-instructor types and boot camp classes and those may be the exception to my rule. But generally, people get yelled at enough in real life, they don’t want to pay for the experience at the gym.

5)  Be your brand. If you’re auditioning to teach Zumba, Zumbify yourself to the max. If it’s yoga, then look like a yoga instructor (and bring your own mat). If you’re teaching hip hop, put your baggy pants and sidewise hat on. If you’re teaching kickboxing, get your cargo pants and sweat guards out. Look the part. Wear new, unfaded clothes. I typically don’t wear makeup to teach and I seldom do my hair, but for an audition I step it up a little bit.

6)  Relax, be you times two and crush the audition!

If you have any other tips, please leave them below!  Also, don’t forget to log your BBL workout in the comments!