Hi Fitties! I dreamed I was blogging last night. It was a strange experience. If that’s not post-post-modern, I don’t know what is (if it’s not, please don’t correct my misinformation. I hate discussing post-modernism).

Remember a few days ago (I think it was last Monday?) we were talking about Beauty? Yep, it was last Monday. It’s right there in the title of the post.

K, so we talked about Beauty and chasing dangerous physical beauty ideals. Here and on Twitter there were great exchanges about beauty standards and how often we are critical of ourselves in ways that outside parties are not.

And I couldn’t really wrap my head around why. But I think I may have an answer.

As you know, I’m a celeb gossip junky. I grew up in SoCal and your sports team might move from LA to Oakland or LA to wherever it is the Rams went (please don’t tell me, I really hate sports almost as much as I hate post-modernism. My brain space doesn’t need that detail). So celebrities are sort of my sports teams. Some people have fantasy football, I have Blind Items.  Some people have the Super Bowl and the World Series and whatever the basketball thing is, I have the Oscars, Emmys, and VMAs.

The UK paper The Daily Mail‘s website is the perfect place for American celeb gossip.  All gossip, really. No one does trash journalism like the Brits.

Here are some recent articles:

Kate Middleton is so skinny that she’s now a role model for anorexics.

A professional nobody shopper who is famous for her butt (and getting pee’d on in a sex tape with Brandy’s little brother) had a 10 million dollar wedding.

Halle Berry looks younger (and hotter) than her true age.

LeAnne Rimes gets the attention she wanted.

Okay! So what do all of these stories have in common? The one common denominator? In all of these stories, the woman involved is a “success.” She’s a rich, famous actress, a princess, a singer/actress, or…. I’m sorry, I still don’t really know what to call the Kardashian person. Anyway, in these articles, their physical attributes are scrutinized and, in many cases, discussed in close proximity with their success.

Advertisers know that when you want to sell something, you should put something desirable next to it. That’s why beer commercials have expensive cars and girls in bikinis. Men like nice cars and hot, scantily clad babes and associating beer with these things amplifies the desirability of beer.

So when women achieve fame and fortune and their bodies are hammered to steely perfection, could that affect how we see beauty? In other words, we see women leading fairly enviable lives and their physical appearance is associated with their success. QED, we come to desire similar physical attributes because we believe the right butt, breasts and body fat percentage brings fame, fortune and success.

And while some of us may rebel and say, “HELL NO! I will achieve success regardless of my body shape,” I wonder how many are influenced in the opposite direction? Think of it this way, how many experts are decrying shows like “Teen Mom” because teenage pregnancy is associated with fame, glamor and celebrity?

See what happens when I dream about blogging? Things get weird up in here. See you after Sculpt!