Hey Brazil Butt Lifters! How’s it going out there? It’s been a little silent here on the comments. I just want to make sure you’re all keepin’ on keepin’ on, you know?

Remember, you’ve invested your money and your time into this program. You owe it to yourself to stick with it. When we set goals and accomplish them, we gain self-confidence and motivation. We’re building character AND booties here.  No quitting! We’ve got 2 weeks left!

If you’ve missed some workouts, no biggie! Me too! I’m about a week behind BUT(T) I will still be able to finish all 4 weeks of the program before our Labor Day cut off.  Move on and get right back on the horse! Start with a nice short workout (Bum Bum Rapido or the Leandro’s Secret Weapon are great choices!) to get back in the groove. Praise yourself during and after the workout for doing an awesome job!

Just to put things in perspective, Halloween candy is already in the stores. Thanksgiving is about 3 months away. Then there’s Christmas. So if you’re thinking that you’re going to wait to hit your workouts and clean eating hard in a few months, I suggest that now is the time to start building up your self-discipline muscles, not when 1/2 price Reese’s Pumpkin candies are on the shelves and there’s leftover stuffing in your fridge, ya feel me?

Okay. I can feel the motivation rushing back to the Throwdown right now! I know everyone is doing their best and I’m ready to amp up my commitment. Next week is my Week 3 and I’m doing the whole program, no skippies (well, I’m probably skipping Cardio Axe just because I don’t think I need it when I’m teaching Zumba 3 times a week). 

I have Sculpt left for this week and I’m done with Week 2! Can’t wait to take my measurements on Monday!