Good afternoon Fitties! It is Thursday, but mentally I’m already in weekend mode. I have a networking event tonight and in about an hour I’m going to go get my body hair ripped out by its roots.

The 30s are a very hairy time, let me just say. Haha, get it? Hairy has multiple meanings… ha! Ha?

It seems that Team Fit with Lizzie is DOMINATING the BBL challenge. I’m pretty sure Teresa is tacitly conceding defeat here, right? 😉  Just kidding T! For those of you who are interested in starting P90x and you think I’m a bit of a loser since I quit P90x, Teresa will be adding those workouts in. She’s a machine, that one.

So a funny thing I noticed… I like to eat, as you probably could tell from my food-centric posts. I’m sort of Hobbit-y in that way. Food is a big interest of mine. And a lot of healthy food is delicious. Hummus and vegs. Apples and nut butter. Veggies and nut butter. Spoons and nut butter. Lara bars. Cupcakes.

That last one was just to see if you were paying attention.

The problem with these healthy delicious snacks is that sometimes I eat them even though I’m not really hungry. I mean, “they” tell you to eat every 3 hours. And I’m not always hungry every 3 hours. BUT if there’s nut butter or hummus on the menu, it doesn’t really matter, know what I’m saying?

Lately, I’ve been asking myself during snack time, “Are you hungry enough to eat cottage cheese?”  Because the thought of cottage cheese makes me gag. Perhaps it’s the bland, milk flavor (cow’s milk is kinda gaggy to me also). Perhaps it’s the chunky, vomitous texture. Perhaps it’s the general gloppiness and the tendency for the water to separate out from the glop (for this reason, yogurt can be a turn off). Ugh, there goes that gag reflex!

I will eat cottage cheese if I’m starving, but ONLY if I’m starving. So it’s a good measure of whether I’m really hungry or whether I just want to eat nut butter to use this test.

Today I was suddenly struck by inspiration: I can’t do very much about the gloppy texture or the water-y thing, but I can take care of the bland taste by adding in SEASONINGS. Um, why this took me 32 years of life to figure out, I dunno. But today I added fresh ground pepper and some 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe’s and ate it with raw bell pepper strips.

So tasty! And completely un-nasty. Which means I need a new food to gauge my true hunger levels.

Has anyone celebrated National Cupcake Day? I was under the weather all day so I decided to skip the sweets. But I have been dreaming up flavors like chocolate with cherry buttercream or pumpkin spice with pumpkin frosting… or nutella cupcakes!