Oiii Fitties. My achin’ head. Yesterday was an awesome day and the Anti Rat and I decided to have an impromptu date night while watching bad 80s movies. We went from “Let’s open something nice” to “Do we have any champagne?” and now I’m trying to figure out where the Advil is and wishing that the city had decided to re-pave our street another day.

Sigh. BAD fitness blogger. I always regret opening that second bottle. And yet… I do it anyway.


As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a perfect health person. I eat bread, cookies and cupcakes. And, on occasion, it seems I have a vendetta against my liver and brain cells. I am being punished this morning. So severely.

So so so severely.

Speaking of cupcakes, it’s Cupcake Day! So stoked about this! How are you planning to celebrate? By sending me cupcakes, I hope!

Anyway, yesterday I had a great day at Pickity Place with Chelsea from Blissful Belly and our friend Jenny. The food was UNBELIEVABLE and so fresh. The ingredients come from the gardens at the farm so everything had delicious herbs and edible flowers for seasoning.  We had gallons of lavender lemonade, onion dill bread with chive and garlic dip, cantaloupe and pineapple soup with honey yogurt drizzle (ZOMG), Jicama Salad with Yuzu dressing and Zucchini and Garden Tomato Casserole with summer corn and beans.  If that sounds like a lot of food, it WAS, but the portions are very normal-sized so we didn’t leave feeling horribly stuffed, just slightly in need of a nap.

We still had plenty of room for Raspberry Rhubarb Pie with gingered whipped cream. No words can express.

Sharing some sheep feed with a new friend. The sheep come running when they see you approach with the feed bag in hand!

This place was just so lovely and pastoral and the weather was absolute heaven. It’s the type of quaint little restaurant where generations of ladies get together for dainty fairy-like food. It’s so magical. We took off our shoes and squished our toes in the damp green grass and as we wandered we wished we could live in the gardens of Pickity Place.

When people wonder why I choose to live in New Hampshire over Southern California, it’s because of days like yesterday. If I’d been in Southern California, I would have had lunch at a strip mall, not a fairy glen.

They eat right out of your hands. They sort of snuffle around in your hand which leaves you sort of slimey but sheeps are such nice beasties you don't really mind.







Suburb mouse is happy being a country mouse! Sheepies!









Feeding another Sheepy Boy. <3




That’s all friends! Turbo Kick and Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt for me today! Log your BBL workouts in the comments! xoxox