Hey Fitties! How did you like Kathleen’s guest post this morning? She’s such a lovely, funny girl. I can’t believe her “baby” is 18 months!

Those of you who watched/commented on my first video that’s up on Vimeo, thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback and comments. I strive to be helpful as well as amusing here on FitwithLizzie.com, so it warms the cockles of my crusty little soul when you Fit Girls find my tips useful.

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t always know how to be useful… I didn’t even really know I could be useful.  I think we’re taught that unless you get up, get dressed, drive to an office and work from 9-5 that you’re not really working. Maybe that’s true in the old days, but the internet has changed all of that. It’s sort of reversing the industrial revolution and making cottage industries profitable — it’s taking cottage industries global! That’s why you can buy someone’s homemade sparkley headbands or have an entrepreneur in Cancun design your logo for you.  Sparkley headbands or $80 logos might not pay the bills if you’re marketing only to your immediate community, but with the internet, your market is literally millions of people.

The only trouble is shaking off that old-world mentality of what work looks like.  So for those of you who have skills you need to put to work for your family, here are some resources I’m using like crazy right now.

1. Young Female Entrepreneurs. Networking is crucial for up and coming biznass owners — particularly if you’re not used to the sort of creative thinking that goes into starting your own business. We don’t learn this stuff in school so we need to catch it from other people. We need to start looking at the world for opportunities and the best way to develop that skill is to socialize with people who already do it.

Young Female Entrepreneurs is an online group that connects female entrepreneurs via social media (see? rules are changing! Your customer base AND your networking groups are now much larger!). I first learned about YFE through Jennifer at SweatandTheCity (see? Networking is crucial — Jenn showed me an opportunity to meet women like me I didn’t know existed!)

2.  My husband. Seriously. All the bloggy tech stuff and the hooking up the bloggy to Facebook and Twitter and my phone and the lights and the camera and all that jazz for my videos comes from the Anti Rat. You can’t have him, but you can ask him tech questions to get your business bloggies up and running for FREE. He’s doing a 6 week webinar course starting tonight at 8pm so sign up ASAP. It is totally totally free so stop in to say hello and tell him he’s cute (just kidding about the last part, but he is cute).

3.  Christine Dwyer and Platinum Presenters.  Basically, everything I’ve learned about social media and marketing, organizing myself and developing my strengths I’ve learned because of this group. I think some people are scared to believe me because they think Platinum Presenters is like Avon or Tupperware or something. I’m pretty sure Tupperware doesn’t do social media training but I could be wrong.

Listen to your Lizzie: The goals I’ve set for FitwithLizzie.com are modeled on the goal-setting strategies I’ve learned through Platinum Presenters. I know I’m not the only female entrepreneur who is taking those lessons to build my own brand — so I’m super excited to know I’m on the right track. I’m ashamed that most of the resources Christine’s made available I haven’t even gotten around to using; there’s just so MUCH training she’s put out.  Platinum Presenters also has a webinar tonight. It’s at 10 pm so just give a listen. It may spark an idea that sends you off and running to start your own business. And I need more guest bloggers, so get on it!

For reals though, planting the seeds of your own business, no matter what industry it’s in, and watching them start to grow is an amazing, empowering thing. You don’t have to be afraid if your boss doesn’t like you. You don’t have to be afraid of bad quarterly numbers. The buck begins and stops with YOU. You master your own destiny. If you fail, it’s because of what YOU did.  If you succeed — congratulations! You get ALL the credit. That’s why I get so excited when people start their businesses selling hats or cupcakes or water bottles or foldable kyaks or whatever. Daringempowered people are the best kind of people to be around!

Are you an entreprenuer? How did you learn to be an entrepreneur? How are you growing? I’d love to hear your tips!