…makes me hate him as much as his other workouts. Where does this guy learn to torture people this way??

The good news: It’s only 20 minutes.

The bad news:  Even the model in the video was falling over and slightly disoriented by the end. WHEW. I’ll be redundant and just say this was a butt kicker.

But a FUN butt kicker! I decided to do the Secret Weapon instead of High & Tight because a week of High & Tight and Sculpt is a little yawn-festy.

I have two more workout days this week and then I’ll be caught up on BBL. I’m woefully behind — I should be about to finish week 3 but I’m finishing week 2. Regardless, my tightest jeans fit pretty dang nicely right now. I’m looking forward to measuring again. Maybe I’ll reward myself at the end of week 3, I know the results are going to be motivating!

My plan this week is to skip BBL tomorrow (I’m subbing Pilates, lunching with friends at Pickety Place, teaching Zumba, then dashing over to the Nashua Tweetup at Stella Blu).  I’ll pick back up with BBL on Thursday (might add in some Turbo Kick) and Friday (Zumba, High&Tight) and do the last Cardio Axe of the week on Saturday (also subbing Pilates), resting Sunday and then starting Week 3 fresh on Monday.

Got all that?

Buttlifters, where you at? Holler at me in the comments. If you’re doing another workout program, sing your praises below!