Is that the best blog name ever? Fitties, today I am bringing you a Very Bad Influence, my friend and former co-worker Kathleen who blogs over at Katy Did it with her Nails Wet. She offers great multi-tasking tips for fitness and self-pampering (ie, giving yourself a foot soak in your baby’s bath water!)

Kathleen is the reason we’re doing the Brazil Butt Lift — she got amazing results on the program and whipped her post-baby body into amazing shape in no time at all.


Just kidding. Kathleen also turned me on to my nail polish fetish and can identify by sight the OPI color you happen to be wearing. I had no idea there were seasonal collections of nail polish until I met Kathleen. You’ve been warned.

Amazing Bodies!

It’s so easy to forget about how amazing our bodies are. Perhaps it’s human nature that we are often so critical of ourselves and lose our motivation to achieve health and fitness goals. I think that we all need to commit to memory our “Amazing Day.” We all have had at least one day in our lives when we felt just awesome. We need to keep this amazing image in the back of our minds every time we feel our motivation start to lag or negative thoughts creep up. When I sometimes look down at my stomach and think the phrase “pinch an inch,” I stop and think about my own amazing day. I remember when I was pregnant with my son, (and nursing afterwards), the changes that my body went through so that I could support another life. Wow, thanks body!

These amazing days can be anything: finishing a road race, reaching a weight-loss goal, trying a new sport, or even something that isn’t health or fitness related. Maybe you felt amazing when you took a painting class. Think about everything going on in your brain and your nerves and fingers to create the painting, and the use of your eyes to look at the finished product. Maybe you feel amazing when you make something yummy and delicious. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I make my Grandma’s Italian Christmas cookies or cranberry chutney.

So the next time you think a negative thought, stop and think instead about how truly amazing you are!

(I find this tip also helps when you have to deal with life’s other messy problems. For example, when a cat has decided not to use his litter box anymore resulting in disastrous and time consuming consequences. A few hundred dollars later, peace has been restored and good smells reign in the house again). Time to celebrate with some wine! 😉

Love from a fellow healthy-fitness gal,
Katy (the girl with the wet nails)