Hey Fitties. Cramming in that workout right under the wire. I really wanted to do Sculpt tonight instead of High & Tight, so I switched it up.

Thanks for working out along with me — I definitely wanted to blow a few of these workouts off. Well, I did blow a few off but I would have blown MORE off if it weren’t for you.

Some comments about Sculpt:

Some of these moves are very intense and could aggravate an injury if you’re not careful. Towards the end of Sculpt he performs the Superman exercise and he does it fast. That puts a lot of stress on the lumbar spine and the neck and it makes me nervous. If you are a little leery when it comes to your back, do me a favor and keep it at the one arm/one leg extension? Or just go slow if you’re doing both arms and legs at the same time.

Another exercise that makes me nervous is when he does the curtsey lunge (he says “courtesy”) with leg abduction and overhead press. There’s a lot going on there and the curtsey lunge makes my knee feel unstable. So adding the abduction and then performing the move fast scares me a little. Be sensible — start slow. You don’t have to speed up when he speeds up. Protect your knees so that you can keep exercising. No sense in tearing up your joints and having to give up exercise while you heal.

Otherwise, I really am loving Brazil Butt Lift. It’s a fun program and holy canoli performing roll ups with a weight is either evil or genius. Evil genius?