Yo Fitties!

I had a good long sleep and I feel almost normal. One self-indulgent nap ought to set me straight.

How are you today? As I mentioned last night, I really didn’t want to workout last night. I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it though because when I woke up this morning I measured my hips and I’d lost over an INCH around that spare tire area (the stuff that sticks up if your jeans are too tight. Not the muffin top, a little below the muffin top.)

I noticed my waist was looking a little less indented this morning and thought “Oh NO! I hope I’m not building out my waistline!” No change in my waist measurement, but I guess smaller hips means that my waist won’t seem quite as nipped.

These hips don’t lie baby!

I got this quote in my inbox from Jennifer over at SweatandtheCity. She writes: If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of quitting them.

So true! Do you have habits that are impeding your goals? Sometimes you have to make a judgment call, like: I would make more money if I traveled more for work, but my family is more important so I’m not gonna do it.

It’s up to you to determine whether your habit means more to you than your goal. Think about it today!