I don’t even know right now.

Hey Fitties! It’s technically week 2 of our Brazilian Butt LiftI think? I know some of us are on different schedules. I’ve fallen a bit behind because I’m TIRED. I’m just… TIRED. I’ve been subbing a lot and my body is just letting me know it’s had just about enough.  So yesterday I called it a night after PiYo.

I was up early this morning to sub Pilates at 8 and I have Zumba tonight. I’m supposed to take a hip hop class after but I think I’m going to catch up with Bum Bum instead.  I’m still seeing good changes in my body even though I’m behind my BBL schedule, but now it’s time to focus!  My metabolism definitely feels like it’s roaring — I’m snacking about every 2 hours.

Has anyone been trying to add a fruit/veggie to every meal or snack? I’m doing pretty well with this challenge.  Chocolate is a fruit, right?  😉  I’ve noticed that I’ve had to be exceptionally careful with the types of foods I’m eating when I teach a lot. I admit, I kind of thought teaching a lot meant I could go crazy with the cookies. Not so.  Eating garbage after I’ve been really active makes me feel like… garbage. So I have to stick to a really healthy diet and flood my thirsty little cells with nutrients.  Even a glass of wine after a day of multiple Zumba classes means bad things for my body.

Well damn. That’s not what I expected at all.

So if you’re BBLing at home, log your workouts in the comments and keep up the good work! Remember, we’re striving for excellence, not perfection. Every step forward is one step closer to our goals. So do what you can and tomorrow we’ll do a little more, yes?  For those of you just joining the BBL throwdown, welcome! And… enjoy that Bum Bum! 😉