Top o’ the mornin’ to you Fitties! It’s a lawyer day for me. Also on the Fit Menu: PiYo in Manchester at Focus on Fitness (love my Tuesday night crew! They’re helping me invent “YogaStrip” ;)). Then it’s time for some Bum Bum and Cardio Axe and I’ll officially be caught up with my Week 1 BBL workouts.

HUGE shout out to Donna who lost THREE POUNDS last week! WHAT!?!?! That’s amazing Donna, wtg girl!

Many of you Fitties are not only Fit Girls but you’re also Business Girls in some way. Yes I know that I should be calling us women but I’m a girl and so everyone else has to be too. Gloria Steinem probably has a blog somewhere calling girls “women.”

So Social Media is a big deal to us Business Girls, right? It’s a low-cost way to market your product and control your brand and network with people. The internet is taking down a lot of the barriers to business and making it possible for people to run their own show.

So here’s what I’ve decided about Twitter: Unless the person following you is clearly a spammer or creeper, I really think it’s polite to follow people back. Chalene follows back. Some pretty big deal bloggers follow back. Britney does not follow back, but it’s Britney, bitch, and she can get away with it. To me, when I follow someone who has a business and they don’t follow back they’re saying, “Hi, I want you to listen to what I have to say but I have no interest in what you have to say.”  Have you ever been in a conversation like that in real life? It sucks right? Do you want to socialize or do business with those types of people? Me neither.

Thus, my case for following back on Twitter. Just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth. Those of you who follow back on Twitter, I luv ya’s!

Oh, and Cardio Axe is the most funnest workout ever!  I loved it!  Log your Brazilian Butt Lift workouts for the day below and keep up the awesome Bum Bum work!