Holla Fitties! For most of us, this is week 2 of our Brazilian Butt Lift Throwdown. Leandro threw it down, I picked it up, what? what?

My butt and thighs look good. They feel like hammered shit, but they’re LOOKING sleeker. I swear on my mother after one week they really do.

So I mentioned in yesterday’s post (that actually got posted like at 1 am instead of 4 pm when I wrote it and I don’t even know guys, I’m sorry and I’m still kind of hungover so be gentle) that I’ve missed out on a few of my scheduled workouts for the first week of Brazil Butt Lift.

To whit: I’ve missed 2 Cardio Axe classes (I subbed a lot of Zumba last week and kept pushing the Axe to the weekend and then subjected my body to 2 hours of V-sits and my muscles flipped me the bird and refused to work out any futher).  I’ve also missed 1 High & Tight workout and 1 Bum Bum workout.

I was tempted to just go right into Week 2, but I’m seeing such good results from week 1 that I really want to finish it out. Otherwise I’ll always wonder, “What if I hadn’t missed those 4 extra workouts?” I am possibly a little crazy, but that’s the decision I made.

So today I’m doing Cardio Axe and High & Tight without equipment. I taught PiYo this morning and bless the soul of whoever bought foam rollers for the yoga studio because we spent the last 15 minutes of class writhing in grim ecstasy on those bad boys. Oh baby, make it hurt so good.

Wow this post is turning kind of filthy. Sorry.

If you’re liking participating in this group exercise at home challenge, please take this quick survey (5 questions?) to help us decide on the next workout we’ll be doing as a group. So far, Chalene Extreme and Turbo Fire are the winners.  Since many of us just bought BBL a few weeks ago, I was thinking of taking September to do workouts we can all find for free online and continuing with our BBL progress?  Then we could start up a new program in October?

If you haven’t logged your workouts for today, please do so in the comments. You guys are doing great! Way to go Olivia! I’m proud of you too!  And keep up the good work Donna! Glad your booty is sore hee hee hee.