Are you there Fitties? It’s me, Elizabeth.

It’s the weekend and I’m blogging, so those of you who know me well know what that means.

BUI. Yep. Blogging Under the Influence. Special shout out to Daou Vineyards.  My spelling mistakes are attributable to them.

This weekend has been pretty rough on the US. Friday, we saw our credit rating downgraded for the first time ever (I know, boo freakin’ hoo). Then, and much more importantly, we lost 30 of our soldiers and 8 allies in one fell helicopter attack. I don’t like taking anything too seriously but there’s really no way not to be somber over that, especially when you read frantic Facebook updates from moms with sons serving in Afghanistan. It’s heartbreaking. And some mother is losing her child while some mother is thanking God it’s not her child. 

That is so beyond awful. Please remember those serving their countries in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Remember their families, because they sacrifice too.

Life. It’s a real motherfucker sometimes, you know?

Update on BBL:  Yesterday got away from me and my ass was so tired. That AntiRat and I went to the New England Dragway to see this stuff (we’re not hillbillies, we just like fast cars. And fire.) and by the time I taught Pilates and walked up and down the bleachers and earned my Good Wife merit badge, I was too tired to “Kick like I mean it.”

I know. I know. Bad fitness challenge leader.

However! I’ve done more this week than I would have done if we weren’t having our throwdown. So that makes the throwdown worth it, yes? What about you? Doing more than you would have done otherwise?

So this week I have, unfortunately, missed one High & Tight workout and one Bum Bum workout. I plan to do better in the upcoming week. I can see a change in my legs and bum!

What about you?