I got a great question on my rant decrying ladies’ mags and their unrealistic, one-size fits all nutrition plans from Ashley:

Do you know of good recipe websites for nutritional meals? I’m not creative. I fell into the lean cuisines for lunch and it’s no good. I also end up eating too little for dinner and then eating junk later. Ugh. I can eat well OR be active and exercise but I’ve yet to get them in balance.

 Great question!  I don’t talk a lot about meal planning on this blog because 1) I’m not a nutritionist and 2) I’m leery of this turning into a diet-y blog instead of a motivational fitness blog. BUT diet is part of fitness, so I’d be happy to share my favorite recipe resources with you guys with one caveat: We’re trying to focus on the quality of our foods, not the amount of calories. So some of these resources may have calories or portion sizes that aren’t appropriate for you or your activity level. Please don’t think this is an encouragement for you to try to eat the same calories that someone else is eating but rather to think about new types of foods to add into your current eating.   Deal?  Okay.


The Sonoma Diet Cookbook and The New Sonoma Diet Cookbook.  I read the Sonoma Diet in 2005 and it really helped me understand about healthy snacks, unprocessed foods and superfoods full of antioxidants like blueberries, almonds, olive oil, spinach and strawberries.  The diet book itself is extremely low in calories, so I don’t endorse it. BUT the food itself is wholesome and delicious and easy to make.  I love that it’s all real food — no Splenda, protein powder brownies or the like in these recipes.

Another favorite (and vegan) is Crazy. Sexy. Diet.  This is a great resource for drenching your cells in healthy nutrients. You don’t have to eat this way all the time, but adding in a veggie-rich snack in the form of a juice or green smoothie makes you feel amazing.


I get a lot of ideas from the Fitnessista, who was the first fitness blogger I read religiously. Some of her meals are a bit out of my cooking ability, but I do love to drool over them. She also has simple salads and her guacamole recipe is my go-to. She has cataloged all of her famous fit recipes here for your drooling enjoyment.  Someone please make me this raw chocolate tart?  Or these vegan chocolate chip cookies?

 Another blog I read for food ideas is Oh She Glows. Ange is disconcertingly beautiful, so sometimes I want to staple Lara Bars to her head, but she also has a great sense of humor, a very beautiful blogging voice and inspiring recipes so I try not to hold that disconcerting beauty against her. 😉 

My third blog tied for first place favorite is Eat, Live, Run. Jenna is my go-to blogger for dessert porn (oh man, that’s going to bring some weirdos to my site via Google searches. SCAT! Wrong blog! Go away!) Her muffins inspired my Drunken Muffin Breakfast Cakes aka Chocolate Merlot Cakes. And hot damn! She has a post up about falafel!! I was just craving falafel. It’s hard to make on your own.  Jenna loves food like I love food. Like, she talks like she could bathe in it if it wouldn’t clog up the drain to her tub. My kind of people.

Jenna’s dessert porn: Pumpkin Whoopie PiesMint S’more BrowniesTruffles.

So I don’t know exactly why this post turned out to be 99% about dessert, but that’s not really surprising. Mine is not a blog you go to for massaged kale salads.

If you have favorite healthy recipes, feel free to share them with each other in the comments below!