Good morning Fitties and Happy Fridayyyyy! Hey, it’s #ff over on Twitter. Are you a Tweep? Follow me! I always follow back!

Our first week of Brazil Butt Lift is almost over! And I just finally figured out the name of the program is BRAZIL Butt Lift, not BRAZILIAN Butt Lift.

I’m a quick one sometimes.

I’m lawyering today and teaching Zumba, so I’m switching my scheduled Cardio Axe and High & Tight to tomorrow.  Log your own workouts in the comments below unless today is your rest day. You guys are doing great! I’m having a great time reading your updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Yesterday, I was doing the scissor jump lunges and my foot hit a puddle of my own sweat and I nearly ate it. Big time.  I am the most prolific sweater I have ever met in my life. The more fit I get, the more I sweat. What’s with that? Any sweat experts out there?

So even though Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck are still awful (I was moaning out load during Tummy Tuck), it’s felt a lot better than the first time I did them. So I’m thinking next week is when we start to breeze through?? Right!

It’s been a fun week and hope you all have enjoyed it as well! To be frank, I’ve had a great time BBLing it with you but there has also been some rough stuff involving work and the hum drum of life.  My motto for this week is: This too shall pass. Every day can’t be a party (unless you do Cardio Axe every day, that is!)

Have a good one!