Hola Fitties! Keep up the good Bum Bum work, you guys are like MACHINES! Bum Bum Machines!

Okay, I know it’s too early to tell, but my butt really does feel tighter. Is it my imagination? Or are my butt muscles just angry? I dunno. But it does feel tighter.

Also, I think a serial killer might have attacked my abs with a knife. I love it. This program is short but vicious (I originally typed “viscous.” Oops. Not quite).

I’m mixing the program up a little, so here’s my schedule. I’m doing the Slim & Shape pear solution but I’m doing the Tummy Tuck 3 times a week this week (on all the bum bum days) instead of just once. I just can’t follow directions.

Also, this week I’m making today my rest day instead of tomorrow because I have Zumba tonight but nothing tomorrow. So obviously I have all the time in the world tomorrow to Bum Bum it up.

You know, 100 years from know, if the human race is still around, blog entries like this may survive and literary scholars are going to wonder why people like me, steeped in a tradition of Austen, Dickinson and Hemingway would use phrases like “Bum bum it up.” The answer, clearly, is Jersey Shore.

Anyway, keep up the good work guys! Log your workouts for today (8/3) in the comments!