Hey Fitties!

Last night my body was in so much pain from Bum Bum I had a hard time getting comfortable in my bed. I hate you Leandro.

I made my husband watch the crazy action while he had a glass of wine and he was dying of laughter. There’s some crazy move where you squat all the way down, put your hands behind you, sit down, then push yourself up.

And then there are the squats.

“Squeeze your butt,” he says. I’m just trying to stay on my feet, my butt is going to have to look out for itself.

I will say yesterday was kind of a high activity day for me. I taught PiYo in the morning, did the Tummy Tuck, did some upper body weights, subbed Zumba, subbed Total Body, then did the Bum Bum. So maybe my bum bum was already a little tired before Leandro kicked my ass.

On the menu tonight is Cardio Axe after I teach PiYo. But first, lawyering.

Hit me up in the comments to this post when you’ve got your workout in. How’s the bum bum?