And thank heavens because a wonderful friend just started a cupcake business and I believe VERY STRONGLY in supporting my friends and that is why I have 4 cupcakes in the last 36 hours.


So I’m off to BBL. I taught PiYo this morning and then I had to eat cupcakes, so clearly BBL got pushed off to the afternoon.


Have you done your workout yet? If so, list it in the comments. Feel free to razz me for not having done it yet.

I’m doing the Slim & Shape plan for pears today, so that means I have Booty Basics and Bum Bum and @#&(*&(!ing @#(*&!@*)! I just realized that’s almost an hour of ass work.

And yes, I meant that to sound as dirty as it did.

Holla at me if you’re a BBL Fittie!