My Fitties, you know I am not an unfit person. I mean, I’m no marathoner or anything, but I haul my carcass around an exercise studio on a pretty regular basis.

And I think I have already lost the Brazilian Butt Lift Throwdown. Leandro threwdown and I basically had my ass handed to me.

There are no words.

I was not prepared.

This program is no joke. I think it’s harder than P90x (partly because your heart is jackhammering against your ribs the entire time you’re squatting and Ipenema Walking at a frantic tempo).

This is an ass kicker. I’m on my second break in a 30 minute workout. Holy shit.

I did the Tummy Tuck today and it burned and I hated it. I’ll be doing that 3 times a week because I do not like to follow directions.

I will finish the Bum Bum workout soon.

Pray for me.

And thanks those of you who logged your workout in the comments. Keep it up!

Anyone else draggin’ ass after Bum Bum? It’s HORRIBLE!