Good evening Fitties! Late post tonight, sorry about that. I was a focused lawyer all day today with another closing. My mom, my real estate role model, had a saying about days like today: “I’m going to real estate hell.”  It’s a phrase you use on days when you’ve had to roll with the punches and maybe didn’t do everything exactly by the rules but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and get the job done.

Today was the day I thought “I’m going to real estate hell.”  Which is inconvenient because I couldn’t go to sleep last night out of stress about today and it’s sort of cramping my blogging style to eat lunch hovering over the photo copier while I’m printing out copies of the closing package.

As an aside: I hate my Ricoh printer. I can’t figure out why I have to manually stand there and tell it to print stuff on legal paper? Any Ricoh gurus out there?

So I’m pretty much fried and exhausted and over-caffeinated (thanks Dunkin’ Donuts!) and tomorrow I have to chase down the loose ends that didn’t get tied up today.  As an aside: If you could keep the boss-man in your thoughts and prayers, I’d appreciate it. He’s an awesome boss and not feeling his best these days. Getting a little concerned about him.

Luckily for me, that gorgeous mite of a Fitnessista tagged me with the “My 7 Links” meme. I love that she mentioned her Summer Shape Ups as her most helpful post — I got started lifting weights thanks to Gina’s Summer Shape up 2 or 3 years ago. It’s a fantastic program.

Thanks Gina for tagging me so I don’t have to be too creative tonight, I am brain-dead right now. Ooh, another aside: I’m having my underarms waxed tomorrow. YEOWCH?

Okay, here we go:

1. My Most Beautiful Post

Hmmm… I’m not much of a beautiful poster, but I think Be here now was one where I tried to capture a lot of beauty that I felt (does that sentence make sense? Can you feel beauty?). The feeling of contentment and peace that I felt in just enjoying the moment was really a beautiful thing.

2.  My Most Popular Post

Hands (or knees) down: Zumba and Knee Pain.  I’m still surprised at how many people find me through that post (hey guys! Welcome!)

3.  Most Controversial Post

I haven’t really had one… maybe I just don’t have enough readers to have people who want to fight with me! That’s not an invitation, please don’t pick fights with me!! I think that the title “Women must smack each other on the butt” raised a few eyebrows and led some interesting people to my site….

4.  Most Helpful Post

This was tough… I’ve gotten some very sweet comments about Teaching your First Group Ex Class, but I also think that What to Do When you Want to Eat but aren’t Hungry was helpful too. I call it a tie!

5.  Post whose Success Surprised Me

The Do You Love Me? post. I was surprised how many phone phobics are out there.

6.  Post that Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

My Drunken Muffin post. These were so yummy! Funny, Gina also had an under-praised recipe for this question. I do love a good vegan chocolate chip cookie…

7.  Post that I’m Most Proud Of

Definitely the “Chubby Aerobics Instructor Syndrome: Myth or Fact” post.  I just wrote it as something to organize my thoughts about the topic but didn’t realize some of the more profound implications of the “syndrome.”  I felt really good that people valued the point that, hello, you’re not chubby if you happen to have more than 16% body fat and I felt proud to remind people that us exercise instructors aren’t some hallowed class of perfect people. What we do, you can do too.  We may not be perfect and that’s good news because you’re probably not perfect either!

Okay! Now I’ve gotta tag some new peeps to meme it up!




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Night all!