Last Friday’s 5 Minute prompt was serendipitous.  Right about the time I was supposed to be speed writing about Full, my life and schedule became uncomfortably Full and blogging had to fall by the wayside. So here it is today! I promise I haven’t been thinking about this all weekend — I’ve had too much stuff going on!

Here we go! As always, if you do this prompt I’d love for you to link to your response.

Life these days is so full.  Almost too full.  Catching up with friends, checking in on family. I taught back to back Zumba classes on Friday and, just in case I wasn’t full enough of Zumba, subbed another early morning Zumba class on Saturday. Sometimes I have students who submit to my classes like one submits to an IRS audit. Friday and Saturday students came to party and left with sweaty, smiling faces. I left with a heart full of gratitude.

Saturday the AntiRat chaufeurred his mother and me up to Portsmouth for a spa day. The girls took turn with pampering and he entertained whoever was not being pampered at the moment. I emerged with tousled, slightly greasy hair to find he and his mother and picked up three bottles of interesting wine from our favorite shop.  That night, we all had delicious Mahi Mahi and incredible wine.  It was a full day.  A satisfying day.

After church yesterday, AntiRat and I ran some errands.  Then we settled in for pizza, wine and movies. It was a weekend full of fun and family and everything good. When your life is full, you feel satisfied in your spirit.  We are meant to live an abundant life. Abundance doesn’t mean snazzy cars or custom-built homes.  I know plenty of people whose lives are full (overly full) of material possessions. And it’s never enough. They need a newer designer purse, a better car, one more trip to the mall, another vacation… Often, when my life is feeling empty, I’ll turn to cookies to fill up that part of me that is yearning for fullness. No amount of cookies can fill it up. Fullness comes from loving and being loved and spending your days using your talents in useful pursuits.  Some days, I’m so full I could burst.

Okay Fitties! Better late than never, right? That’s my motto anyway. Hope you all have a great Monday!