Great article this morning claiming that what you eat matters, not just how much you eat.  I’ve often wondered about this.  Nutritionists will say to lose weight, just cut calories. As long as you burn more than you eat, you’ll lose weight.  And I wonder, “Does this mean I can eat donuts but, as long as I don’t eat more than I burn, I’ll lose weight?”  New research may indicate that the types of foods you eat may make a difference.

I’ve noticed that there are some foods that will not allow me to lose weight.  Lean Cuisines, for example (not really a food, I know). I lived off of those in law school because I knew exactly how many calories were in them.  Currently, I eat about 600 more calories per day than I did back then and I weigh 15-17 pounds less.  And I was killing myself in the gym back then.  Also, I can’t drink wine and lose weight.  I can maintain my weight if I’m careful about the wine, but no losing.

There’s a bit of art to weight loss, isn’t there?

This seems to say that the quality of your nutrition counts if you want to maintain a healthy body weight.

Of course, for every study there’s an equal and opposite study, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing soon about how you can eat only Twinkies and Coke and lose weight.  I’ve blogged before about the man who did a self-experiment to prove that he could lose weight on a calorie-controlled junk food diet. Which way is the best way? I dunno, but I think you’re always safe erring on the side of eating more fruits and veggies and avoiding machine-produced foods that involve mechanical frosting insertion.

What has your experience been with weight and processed food? Do you eat a quality diet or are you a lover of the packaged food product?

See you later for 5 Minute Friday. I hope it wasn’t as maudlin as last week!