Hey Fitties! Thursday at last! I’ve got a lot to do today… I have to put the house back together because the AntiRat has been away at a conference and he’s coming home tonight.  Our camera went with him on his trip, which is why I couldn’t post my treat pics earlier this week.  For safety reasons, I don’t mope here or on Facebook when he’s gone (plus it’d be annoying to see those updates constantly) but it’s rough on me to fly solo. 

We’re very much a team and when my teammate is gone, it’s hard to get through the day. I’m not joking that I devolve into savagery when he’s gone.  Most of my meals are eaten at the sink, chores fall by the wayside.  I ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom the other day and wailed internally, “This would NEVER happen if Matthew were here!” I have a lot of sympathy for families where one partner has to travel a lot or is stationed overseas for a long period of time.  It sucks when your BFF is away even for a week, let alone months and years.

(This is all a ploy to make sure the AntiRat brings me presents when he comes home.  Hee!)

Anyway, thanks everyone for your kind comments about yesterday’s smackdown of the Chubby Aerobics Instructor myth.  I got a lot of great input from people here and on Facebook and also in person.  One instructor brought up the fact that we’re just people, you know?  The person teaching your fitness class may be an elite athlete or a professional dancer, but chances are that he or she is just a regular person who works a regular job, chauffeurs the kids, makes dinner and fits in workouts to the best of their ability. We don’t always workout every single day. I got started teaching just because the classes I wanted to take (TurboKick and Hip Hop Hustle) weren’t offered in my area. My body doesn’t change just because I’m suddenly standing in front of the room instead of the back.

And just like regular people, fitness instructors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just naturally lean and others are a little bit more junky in their trunky.

Just because we’re not perfect doesn’t mean that a class isn’t beneficial.

Speaking of classes, I have a bunch of choreography to do for a Zumba class tomorrow at Nashua Athletic Club. If you’re in the area at 5:30, drop ins are welcome! Our music is a sampling of the 30s through today.  There is a reason that we don’t use a lot of oldies music in group exercise.  32 count phrase guys, throw a girl a bone.

My regular 7 pm Amherst Zumba class is also tomorrow so you have TWO chances to Zumba with me and if you do both classes… well, obviously you can eat all the cupcakes you want this weekend.

See you tomorrow!