Hey Fitties!  MIA yesterday, sorry. Work stuff, ya know? What can I say.  I had plans to post an easy, healthy treat recipe and then my camera with said treat pics went for a trip. More on that later.

  Bright and early Saturday morning I met up with some crazy people in the park to raise money for the Nashua Humane Society.  We burpee’d with a broad jump for 400 Meters. 400 meters is a long, long distance, in case you didn’t know.  

Me & My Zumbies (one Zumbie is taking the pic for us)

It was an awesome challenge and I have mad respect for Cross Fitters. My fitness love does not lie in those pastures, but I had a great time checking it out.  It’s Tuesday and I’m just starting to feel normal again. WHEW!


These people need help.

After that, the AntiRat and I headed to Newburyport, which should be renamed to Traffic-Cluster-F@#&^-port, to visit Tara at Vizcaya Active. It was so nice meeting her and her husband. She has an adorable shop and I left with a cute yoga/PiYo top. Pics to come (as soon as my camera comes home).

See you soon for a post about “Chubby aerobics instructor syndrome”.  I think scary music should play when I write that, don’t you?