Reminder Fitties: If you plan to join in our Brazilian Buttlift Throwdown, you should order you BBL ASAP if you haven’t already cuz we’re starting August 1.  We’ll be doing the workouts and you can follow along at home logging your efforts in the comments. Participation does allow you to heckle & smack talk the other participants on their blogs/Facebook/Twitter pages (although we’ve made a ruling that yo mama jokes aren’t allowed).  It also allows you to post videos of you dancing around to “Baby Got Back,” but we’ll cover that later.

This is all about good clean fun and having a community to support you in your booty beautifying efforts. Can I say it? Bootifying? Please? Will you still read me now that I’ve said that?

You absolutely don’t have to purchase the program through me, although I obviously appreciate and adore those of you who have. Although if I could ask a huge favor… plz don’t download it illegally. The peeps that put those programs together put a lot of work into this creation, so do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. On a budget? Pick up a used copy. Share one with a friend. Just plz don’t do the naughty download thing. It’s just not nice.

Hannah, your BBL is on its way! Thanks again to everyone who entered via my email list sign up. More to come!

Can you handle this?