Who taught you to rejoice? I learned from Snoopy.

Fitties! And so it is Friday. And we shall rejoice. Fun things coming up this weekend. If you’re in Nashua (or thereabouts) why not come out Saturday morning at 8:30 am to Burpee for the Beasts?  Crossfit Nashua is hosting a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Nashua. If you wear your Burpees for Beasts t-shirt to my class on July 22, your class is freeeee!

So I hope you like my little logo on my site.  Have you taken a peep at my Twitter and FB as well? They’re so PINK I could DIE!!! I hope you followed/liked me so I can reciprocate!!

Here’s the story behind my logo… I am a girl, in case you couldn’t tell by my pics, love of pink and the name “Lizzie.”  Even though I have some technical issues that need to be sorted out before I can fully build a fitness oligarchy, this does not stop me from wanting to do pretty things like get silicone bracelets and logos and such.  Sort of like when we bought our house, a fixer-upper, the AntiRat was tearing down sheet rock and framing walls and I’m like “I want to paint the walls pretty colors” and he’s insulating stuff and wiring in lights while I’m chasing him with paint swatches.

I leave the heavy lifting to the AntiRat and I pick out the colors. Typically, I am a better feminist than this. I’m sorry to disappoint.

ANWAY. Enter Logo Glo.  I wish I could remember how I came across them.  Maybe just Googling for inexpensive graphic designers? Until I ran into Logo Glo, the least expensive logo prospect I found would run around $400. That’s a little steep for this entrepreneur. So when I saw the $80 price tag, I was super stoked.

Here’s how it works:

  • You submit a $40 good faith deposit through PayPal. It’s refundable if they can’t design a logo to your satisfaction.
  • You provide some guidance about your logo expectations.  I sent a synopsis about my personality and my fitness philosophy (silly, fun, no broccoli for breakfast, healthy dose of cupcakes/wine) and provided the link to my website so they could get a sense of what it looks like already and how I roll. 
  • I also provided links to other websites who have graphics I like. I love the little cartoon girls on Stila’s website so I sent that along.  I asked for lots of pink and purple as well as a cartoon girl, cupcakes, wine and weights/jump rope/sneakers and fitness paraphernalia (woah, is that really how you spell that? Wild.)
  • Gary, the founder, got back to me right away and let me know I’d have something by the next afternoon or evening. WOW. Super fast turn around time.  I like instant gratification. SWEET!
  • As promised, I received 6 samples logos for my website. Several of them I knew weren’t quite right for me or my audience, but they were all nice. Two were outstanding.
  •  I combined elements from my fav designs and asked for slight modifications. The stuff that currently appears in cartoon Lizzie’s thought bubble used to be a really cool long border. But eventually, I want this logo on things like a mug, so I want the logo to be a square block instead of a long banner. Does that make sense?
  • My request looked something like this “I like the pink writing, but I’d like it to look more uneven. Also, I uses dashes in my z’s when I write, so I’d like my logo to have dashes too.  So I want pink, slightly sloppy looking font with dashes and can we put the border stuff in like a thought bubble over cartoon Lizzie’s head?”
  • Done and done.  I then asked for the thought bubble pics to be a little bit bigger and that was done too.  3 emails, less than 48 hours and my logo was perfect.

Here’s where the REAL fun started:

  • I submitted my final $40 payment to Gary through pay PayPal and he sent me the final files of all my logos.  He invited me to let him know if I need the files in other formats.
  • I asked if he knew how to make a Facebook banner out of my logo.  He sent me the directions on how to post my logo to FB and, over the next few hours, he tweaked, re-tweaked and tweaked again my “Fit with Lizzie” banner that’s currently on my personal FB page.  You’ll notice there are no breaks in the logo like most FB banners have.  That was all Logo Glo.  I didn’t ask for them to mess with the logo to take those lines out — all FB banners have the lines, what do I care?  Not Logo Glo. They fixed it right up so it was perfect.
  • Then Gary provided me with a logo appropriate for my “Like” page on FB.  It has to be a certain width and blahblahtechedyblah.  So he tweaked that for me as well.
  • Then he sent me a email asking, “You want Twitter stuff?”  UM. YES!?!?!  Keep in mind, at this point, he’d already sent me all my final logos and accepted final payment.  He could have said our deal is done, go figure out your Twitter crap on your own.  But he didn’t. 
  • So I got a Twitter avatar that was the appropriate size (this is sort of a pain in the ass because FB and Twitter have different requirements for their image sizes. I would have been at this for days and all my hairs would be grey right now).  Then he sent me the pink background for Twitter.  It looked great to me but he sent me a few more tweaks and finally we were both very happy with how it looked.
  • You can order business cards and stationary directly through Logo Glo. I don’t need any right this minute, but I’ll order through them when the time comes.

That was my experience. I am extremely happy with how everything turned out.  I admit, I was a bit skeptical that my girlie requirements would be understood by a graphic design dude, but he totally got what I was going for.  It helped that I already had ideas in mind and could provide them direction.

If you’re starting your own business and you know your audience and your business philosophy, I think $80 is a great investment to get a little logo. I feel really pumped every time I look at my sweet little cartoon girl. I’m also very excited to support an entrepreneur who, like myself, is doing his own thing and trying to make his own way in the world. He also works with his wife and sister, so this is a family affair.

If you have any questions for me about the Logo Glo process, please let me know! The Logo Glo peeps are on Facebook and Twitter as well.